The Benefits of Commuting by Bike

Commuting by bike has been increasing in popularity over recent years, particularly in areas where there is a strong bicycle-friendly road network. So what are the benefits of commuting to work by bike? Let’s take a look…

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Saving Money

Since the cost of fuel and car maintenance is always on the rise, you will certainly save some cash by using your bike as transport. If you’re well-disciplined, you could even put aside the money you are saving each week to see how quickly it builds up.

Doing exercise without setting foot in a gym

If you’re a gym-goer, then you could save even more money by using your commute as your daily exercise. You won’t have to think about fitting your exercise into your day, it will simply become part of your daily routine. You won’t have to worry about motivation either. Commuting by bike is something that becomes a habit!

Getting fitter and losing weight

According to Business Insider, people who begin commuting to work by bike lose around 13 pounds during the first year. Cycling is a great way to work out because it is low-impact and won’t put undue pressure on your joints and muscles. This means that you can enjoy cycling even if you are carrying excess weight.

Staying healthy

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and add in your cycling commute, you are much less likely to get sick and need a doctor. You will also be warding off serious health conditions and illnesses like cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Avoid traffic jams

If your daily commute by car involves lots of traffic jams, you might find cycling more efficient. You will be able to zoom past the queuing motorists while they’re tapping their fingers on the wheel. Also, bike commuters often need to set off earlier due to distance so you might find the roads are quieter in the mornings anyway.

Be happier and less stressed

It is true that exercise helps to lower stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps you sleep better!

The air is actually cleaner

It might seem strange to think that you’re breathing cleaner air on a bike but you are! Even though as a bike rider, you are riding among cars it is the drivers inside the cars that are breathing in more volatile organic compounds and harmful air. This is even more true for drivers stuck in a traffic jam directly behind another car.

No parking costs or battles

Commuting by car often incurs parking charges and struggles to find a space. You won’t have that issue when you commute by bike! As long as you find somewhere secure and have a good bike lock, you’re good to go. There are even some bikes that are foldable that can be stashed under a desk or inside a cupboard.

Get increased brain power

There is evidence to suggest that exercising daily prevents cognitive decline and improves your learning and memory.

Improvement of awareness of cyclists on the roads

If there are more people commuting by bike, the road becomes safer for everyone. Why? Because the more cyclists there are, the more drivers expect to see them. Also, if the number of cyclists increases, so does the demand for cycle lanes and cycle parking, which will encourage the council to improve cycling infrastructure.

Improve the air quality for all

The more that people commute by bike, there will be fewer emissions going into the air. Drivers (well, their cars) release over a pound of carbon dioxide for each mile they drive whereas cyclists will only release about 0.7g (due to sweat).

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing

The first time you try to commute on a bike, it doesn’t mean you have to do it every day forevermore. This simple knowledge will make it a lot easier to start. You could even begin by driving some of the way, then riding your bicycle the remaining part of your journey or you could start commuting by bike just one or two days per week. You don’t have to switch to permanently commuting by bike and, if you ease yourself in, you are more likely to feel successful over time.

Mix your cycle commute with public transport

If your commute is long and cumbersome, there’s no reason why you can’t use public transport too. Lots of trains and buses have adequate space for your bike. If this isn’t convenient either, you could invest in an e-bike. This will help you with pedalling, particularly uphill. You will be able to go faster and reduce the time it takes to complete your journey.

Find your sense of freedom

You will soon discover how great a feeling it is to cycle to work and back!