Cycle Training UK has been teaching complete beginners for twenty years. They have consolidated their teaching into this simple, easy to use instruction manual to enable others to teach new cyclists to ride independently, quickly and painlessly!

The teaching method is practical yet simple, detailing the basic building blocks of learning to ride, such as getting on and off a bike, starting off and pedalling, balancing...and making the bike go where you want it to go!

Cycle Training UK has an impressive track record of getting people of all ages riding independently in a short time. Frustrated youngsters, adults that feel that they are too old to learn – all can be taught to ride quickly – using the principles and advice in this guide.

It’s a great buzz when the person you are teaching takes the first pedal strokes on their own. You’ll find that sharing the joy of someone’s first cycle ride is just the beginning of a great adventure.

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Teaching New Cyclists handbook costs £5 (plus p&p).

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