Ride Side by SideRide Side By Side (RSBS) is a free cycle taxi in Hackney and North Kensington. It helps older people and people with mobility issues to make journeys by cycle. But passengers dont have to pedal if they dont want to. They can just sit and enjoy being out and about in the community.
Ride Side By Side is a sociable and healthy alternative to using motorised transport for local trips. It runs every Tuesday in Hackney and every Wednesday (from 22 August 2018) in North Kensington.

The cycle is ridden by a specially trained Pilot who will take passengers from their door to wherever they want to go: to the shops; friends; park; community centre; or just on a mini adventure. Passengers sit next to their Pilot who will happily chat away about anything and everything.

The ride Side by Side is a specially designed electically assisted four wheeled cycle with proper seats (not saddles).  Passengers have handlebar to hold onto but not steer and pedals but can can choose whether to cycle all or a bit of the journey or not at all and just sit back and enjoy the ride!

The Ride Side by Side service is fully funded so passengers will be able to ride for free.

Trips can be booked by calling 0207 232 4397.

"It's a clever cycle. Feels very secure and comfortable"




"Everyone waved and hooted. I felt like the Queen."

"Everyone waved and hooted. I felt like the Queen"
"I am isolated and having someone with me for all that time was real fun."
"Robin  [my Pilot] was describing what was going on around me. There is so much happening"


If you would like a Ride Side by Side Service to help combat isolation in your area click HERE