Ride Side by Side (RSbS) is a cycle taxi in Hackney. It's a free service for older people or people with issues of mobility that actively want to get somewhere — to the hospital, to friends, parks or just to be out and about in the local area.

Ride Side By Side is a sociable and healthy alternative to using motorised transport for local trips. It is running every Tuesday throughout Spring and Summer.

We provide a specially designed side-by-side cycle and a rider to get you to places in Hackney. You can choose to cycle all or a bit of the journey or just sit back and enjoy the ride!

The service operates in a two mile radius of Hackney Town Hall E8 1EA. You can book one of these time slots: 9.15-11am, 11.15-1.15pm, 1.45-3.45pm or 4-6pm.

To book: Telephone 020 7232 4384