Cycle Training UK has been running a project helping people with dementia and their carers and families to cycle for the past two years and wish to spread this idea and its delivery nationally.
We are looking for social enterprises, not for profit companies, cooperatives and charities who would like to run a Positive Spin project working with local dementia organisations outside of London under a social franchise arrangement with CTUK. 

We want to offer a recognised Positive Spin brand and similar high quality experience for people with dementia accross the UK so anyone with dementia and their carers can recognise and join a 'Positive Spin' and access cycling and all the benefits of cycling and the programme.

Positive Spin engages a demographic who may not consider themselves able to enjoy cycling and opens up cycling to a largely neglected older demographic through offshoot projects (such as Silver Cycling). Access to the programme is not based solely on evidence of a diagnosis of dementia nor limited by a postcode lottery.

To become a Positive Spin social franchise, your organisation would need to:

  • be not for profit
  • have access to National Standard/Bikeability cycling instructors
  • have access to a variety of non-standard cycles (we can help with this)
  • be prepared to undergo training for working with people with dementia
  • agree to an annual quality assurance visit by CTUK 
  • agree to call the sessions Positive Spin and follow the branding guidance for all promotion
  • agree to allow academic researchers into the benefits of cycling for people with dementia access to the project
  • Be prepared to pay a social franchise fee to cover our development costs and your training costs. (We are looking into fundraising possibilities which may help minimise this).

As a Positive Spin social franchise you will receive:

  • An operations manual describing how to run a Positive Spin project, funding suggestions, monitoring guidance
  • Information about, and links to local dementia organisations to work with as partners for local referrals etc. (We will also run training for people from local dementia organisations in cycle instructor training)
  • A design and branding pack and promotion guidance
  • Training in working with people with dementia from CTUK's dementia specialist.
  • Initial mentoring and an annual quality assurance visit by CTUK
  • Involvement in national dementia research projects
  • Depending on the success of our fundraising for Positive Spin, there may be some financial help to set up your project

If you'd like to become a Positive Spin franchise or would like more information  email

More about Positive Spin.



Positive Spin Workshop

At: Cycle Training UK London SE16 3LR

On:  24th May 2017


  • Visit a Positive Spin session in Hackney
  • Overview of the franchise offer 
  • Session on cycling and dementia 
  • Marketing and promotion 
  • Finances and fundraising 
  • Next steps

If you would like to attend e: