A great foundation courses covering the basics* including an introduction to tools, adjusting your bike, preventative care, fixing a puncture and adjusting brake blocks.
Tools for the home mechanic
  • What tools are needed
  • Advice on buying tools
  • How to use basic tools

Bicycle overview

  • Get to know your bike — learn the names of parts and what they do
  • Check that your bike is roadworthy
  • Adjust saddle, handlebars, brake and gear levers
Preventative maintenance
  • How to clean and lubricate parts
  • Asses wear and tear
Cycling comfort
  • Your ideal riding position for comfort and efficiency
  • How to adjust your bike to your body frame (adjust saddle/handlebar/brake levers)
Tyres and punctures
  • Types of tyres and their uses
  • Wheel removal and replacement
  • Check for puncture causes/removal and replacement of inner tube
  • Puncture repair
  • How different brake types work
  • Check brakes -assessing wear
  • Adjust/change/align brake blocks/disc pads
  • Replace brake cables
*This course does not cover hydraulic brakes, disc brakes, drum/coaster brakes, hub gears or electronic gears.