At a Dr Bike session safety checks, basic adjustments and minor repairs on bikes are carried out. Bikes are assessed for roadworthiness and, depending on the time available, adjustments are made and small parts fitted (such as brake pads and cables). Dr Bikes are great for public events or for businesses wanting to get their workforce more active.
Service level Time per person Work carried out Event type
Basic 5-7 mins
  • Roadworthiness check (M-check)
  • Tyres pumped
  • Brakes adjusted
  • Riding position checked and adjusted
  • Advice on further work needed

For busy public events

9 bikes per hour per instructor
Basic plus adjustment 12 mins
  • Basic service plus:
  • Brakes blocks replaced
  • Gear indexing adjusted
  • Inner tube replaced

Public events/commuter service

4-5 bikes per hour per instructor

Repair & Replace 20 mins
  • Basic plus adjustment and
  • Brake cables replaced
  • Gear cables replaced
  • Additional servicing including Headsets adjusted, bottom bracket tightened, Wheel cones tightened

Pool bikes service

Book in sessions with time agreed in advance

3 bikes per hour per instructor