If you want a course tailored to your exact requirements then you can book a one-to-one bespoke session. We can offer a bespoke session during the day or evenings subject to availablity.
  • Meeting your goals: We'll design a programme to meet your end requriements. We've worked with people that have started to commute to work by bike and want a session to help deal with roadside repairs. Others want training to fix a particular bike type/brand. Over the years we've delivered training to people who were cycling around the world to help manage repairs abroad.
  • Tailored session: There is no set syllabus. The trainer will contact you to talk about your requirements/skill level/bike/goals and design a programme specifically for you.
  • Pitched to your experience and skills: The bespoke session will be pitched to your skill level. If you are not very confident with mechanics we can start with the basics, for the more experienced we can look at more advanced fixes.
  • Train with a friends: We also offer bespoke sessions to small groups.