Cycle Training UK has worked with the DfT and schemes who have delivered the Bikeability Plus pilots to help create a set of outcomes and guidance for the Bikeability Plus Delivery Guide.

Bikeability Plus modules include 10 modules: Bikeability Balance, Bikeability Bus, Bikeability Fix, Bikeability Learn to Ride, Bikeability On Show, Bikeability Parents, Bikeability Promotion, Bikeability Recycled, Bikeability Ride, Bikeability Transition

It is important that cycle instructor teams are clear on the B+ content and module expectations.

Cycle Training UK are holding CPD training courses on Bikeability Plus Effective Delivery over the next few months.

The Bikeabilty Plus Effective Delivery CPD will include:

  • Discussing objectives, features, audience, planning, delivery and monitoring for each module.
  • Looking at how B+ modules can integrate with/impact on the delivery of Bikeability in schools.
  • An opportunity to share best practice and lessons learnt from the B+ pilot modules.

If you would like more information on the Bikeability Plus CPD please contact Maresha









B49 Bike Bus video

Bikeability Plus Delivery Guide