We deliver bespoke packages to businesses to meet their environmental, sustainability, community, health and financial objectives. This may be to provide alternative carbon reduced travel, to reduce parking overheads, to improve the physical wellbeing of employees or to deliver community based projects. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Cycle Safely seminar Aimed at employees, this interactive seminar (usually as a 'lunch & learn') focuses on the employees' experience and how to improve people's cycle to work while minimising risk.
  • Cycle Awareness seminar for professional drivers focuses on the driver's experience of interacting with cyclists
  • Cycle training is available to groups as well as 1:1 urban road riding training. Some organisations use group sessions as part of a team building day.
  • Route planner  Our instructors can ride with your employees to their workplace, discussing the best route and any cycling/infrastructure issues that may arise along the way.
  • After work and early bird maintenance courses offered at your workplace/organisation as well as maintenance 'masterclasses' covering the essentials such as puncture repair.
  • Dr Bike is a session where instructors carry out safety checks, basic adjustments and minor repairs on bikes which are brought to them by employees.

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