City and Guilds Level 2 certificate is a highly relevant professional qualification for those interested in joining the cycle maintenance sector. The training will provide you with the skills to work as a professional cycle mechanic. It is suitable for those who have some relevant knowledge and experience of cycle maintenance. If you have little or no experience of cycle maintenance then you would need to attend our basic and intermediate one day courses first.

NOTE: The course is rewarding yet challenging. It involves timed assessments and a requirement of 18 hours extra- curricular study and we strongly recommend that you have a reasonable degree of competence in the contents of the basic and intermediate one day courses before applying.


Course outline

Day 1  Induction and workshop rules, Health & Safety Procedures, British & European Standards for Bicycles. Repair a cycle puncture (rear wheel derailleur equipped bike).
Day 2 Remove and replace a cycle rim brake assembly ( V-brakes, canti and dual pivot and includes replacing cables) also cover basic set up of cable operated disc brakes and hydro disc brakes (but this is not assessed).
Day 3 Remove and replace a cycle gear systems (includes mechs, chain cassette/freewheel, chain set, cables and shifters.
Day 4 Remove and replace cycle hub bearings (loose and cartridge bearings).
Day 5 Remove and replace cycle bottom brackets and cranks (adjustable, cartridge and external). Facing and Chasing of Bottom Bracket Shells.
Day 6 Service Cycle Headset Assemblies, Facing and Reaming of the Headtube.
Day 7 Build a cycle wheel (teach theory and practice)
Day 8 Build a cycle wheel (recap theory, practice then assessment)
Day 9 Augment a cycle (fit accessories, carry out a systematic cycle check (M-Check
Day 10 Change a cycle frame (strip a bike to its bare frame and then rebuild)

City & Guilds mechanics information sheet

City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Cycle Mechanics Information Sheet