Ride Side by Side is coming to North Kensington

Posted on Aug 03, 2018 by Adrian

Cycle Training UK is bringing its groundbreaking Ride Side by Side Cycle service to North Kensington

London is full of people. But that makes those people who can’t get out very easily feel even more isolated. So Cycle Training UK (CTUK) created the Ride Side by Side cycle taxi service.

The free service helps older people and people with mobility issues to make journeys by cycle. But passengers don’t have to pedal if they don’t want to. They can just sit and enjoy being out and about in the community.

The cycle is ridden by a specially trained Pilot who will take passengers from their door to wherever they want to go: to the shops; friends; park; community centre; or just on a mini adventure. Passengers sit next to their Pilot who will happily chat away about anything and everything for the 90 minute session.

The specially designed electrically assisted Ride Side by Side cycle will operate from the Dalgarno Community Centre. The service will run every Wednesday from 22 August through to late autumn.

Local people will be able to try the Ride Side by Side on Wednesday 15 August 12-5pm at the Blue Light community event on Little Wormwood Scrubs.

The Ride Side by Side service is fully funded so passengers will be able to ride for free. Trips can be booked by calling 0207 232 4397.

You can find out more about CTUK’s unique Ride Side by Side service HERE

You can download this announcement HERE

Notes for Editors

Cycle Training UK

For 20 years, Cycle Training UK has been helping people to enjoy their cycling. We deliver off and on road cycle training from Complete Beginner to Fast Commuter, Maintenance Courses, City & Guild Mechanics Qualifications, Cycling Instructor Training, Dr Bike Surgeries, Driver Awareness Programmes, Workplace Cycling Initiatives and Consultancy.

The Co-operative Advantage

CTUK is a not-for-profit workers’ co-operative with company ownership shared equally across all Members. This means that we re-invest our funds into the business rather than pay dividends to Directors and that there is a high level of conscientiousness due to the very real companywide understanding that the company belongs to everyone. This results in all the benefits that pride and the identification of a company as one’s own brings; in particular excellent delivery.

Our Instructors

Everyone employed by Cycle Training UK is a qualified cycling instructor and the instructors are Members of the cooperative. Our instructors are committed, experienced and highly trained with additional appropriate qualifications. All Cycle Training UK Instructors have an Enhanced DBS Check and hold a current First Aid Certificate. All our instructors’ activities are fully insured and Cycle Training UK has £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.

Our instructors’ knowledge & experience is why CTUK is so actively involved with the development of the National Standards for Cycle Training and the Bikeability syllabus. It is why we are the third largest Instructor Trainer Organisation in the UK. It is why we are consulted by countries around the world establishing cycle training schemes.

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