It's "Gloria Day" - Happy Birthday CTUK

Posted on Aug 01, 2018 by Adrian

Today, 1 August 2018, Cycle Training UK is 20 years old

South London Press 24 August 2001

Twenty years ago today on the 1st August 1998, a 23 year old cycling activist, Sim Bamford, delivered the first cycling lesson of the then Cycle Training  (the “UK” bit would come a little later) with a lady called Gloria. And so Cycle Training UK was born and we celebrate “Gloria Day” on 1st August in recognition of our very first trainee.

Sim's Cycle Path Grapic that was to become part of Quietway 1In the late 90s, the roads in London were a “traffic nightmare”, cars and lorries could go anywhere, anytime and they did. Clogging up our streets and belching noxious fumes. (Some don’t think things have changed!) Sim was a computer programmer volunteering for Southwark Cyclists campaigning for better cycling infrastructure. Sim realised that “Confidence is the main problem – lots of people think they could never cycle around London but when you get them to do it you can show them how easy it is.”

Initially Sim was offering private lessons for adults. Within a year Cycle Training Ltd had a contract with Southwark Council to deliver courses in primary schools. Sim pulled together a team of keen cyclists and trained them to work as instructors.

By 2001 Cycle Training Ltd was a thriving business with an Instructors’ Collective that spread across London. One of these new instructors, Vicky Carnegy pointed out that “people have  responded with vigour to Simeon’s enthusiasm for promoting cycling.”

In 2004, Sim left his creation, Cycle Training UK (CTUK). That same year, CTUK formerly became a not-for-profit workers’ co-operative, moving to employing instructors rather than having them as contractors. An early push-back against the emerging gig economy.  

As a pioneer in modern cycle training, CTUK went on to be instrumental in the creation of the National Standards for Cycle Training and its schools spin-off Bikeability. CTUK trained hundreds of new instructors, many taking their training back to Local Authorities all over the country to deliver Bikeability and many who went on to establish their own cycle training companies. (Cycle Instructor, Cycle Confident, Bike Works, Bike Hub, Cyclist Training, Cycle Circle, CyclingAge,  to name just a few...)

Ride Side by SideToday, CTUK still trains cycle instructors and teaches adults and children. CTUK is still pioneering: having developed the Safe Urban Driver training for HGV drivers; promotional programmes for TfL aimed at corporations and cycle clubs; cycling classes for people with a diagnosis of dementia (Positive Spin); and cycling for older people and people with mobility issues who are socially isolated (Ride Side by Side). This summer CTUK will be announcing its new City & Guilds Mechanics Courses, making a professional qualification more accessible and in the autumn a new range of Cycle Maintenance modules for everyone from the new cyclist through to the pro.

In 2018 CTUK is keeping to Sim’s original vision to promote cycling as a form of transport by increasing people’s skills and confidence through cycle training.

You can download this announcement HERE.

Notes for Editors

Cycle Training UK

For 20 years, Cycle Training UK has been helping people to enjoy their cycling. We deliver off and on road cycle training from Complete Beginner to Fast Commuter, Maintenance Courses, City & Guild Mechanics Qualifications, Cycling Instructor Training, Dr Bike Surgeries, Driver Awareness Programmes, Workplace Cycling Initiatives and Consultancy.

The Co-operative Advantage

CTUK is a not-for-profit workers’ co-operative with company ownership shared equally across all Members. This means that we re-invest our funds into the business rather than pay dividends to Directors and that there is a high level of conscientiousness due to the very real companywide understanding that the company belongs to everyone. This results in all the benefits that pride and the identification of a company as one’s own brings; in particular excellent delivery.

Our Instructors

Everyone employed by Cycle Training UK is a qualified cycling instructor and the instructors are Members of the cooperative. Our instructors are committed, experienced and highly trained with additional appropriate qualifications. All Cycle Training UK Instructors have an Enhanced DBS Check and hold a current First Aid Certificate. All our instructors’ activities are fully insured and Cycle Training UK has £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.

Our instructors’ knowledge & experience is why CTUK is so actively involved with the development of the National Standards for Cycle Training and the Bikeability syllabus. It is why we are the third largest Instructor Trainer Organisation in the UK. It is why we are consulted by countries around the world establishing cycle training schemes.

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