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Posted on Feb 12, 2018 by Adrian

Cycle Training UK will be delivering a National Standards Cycle Instructor Course at Ashford in March

If you love riding your bicycle and you want to share your passion for cycling, then perhaps the best way to show your cycling love is to become a qualified National Standards Cycling Instructor. 

As a Cycling Instructor you will deliver training to increase people's riding skills and confidence on real roads in real conditions. This is the best way to help people to discover the joy of everyday cycling.

And it’s more than just riding a bike, it’s a behavioural change. Cycle training gives people a life skill. It's a childhood event that will never be forgotten.  So when you teach, you also need to inspire, because the behaviour change is important.  It’s important for the trainee, the environment, for the air we breathe, our economy and for our communities.  

This March, Cycle Training UK will be delivering a National Standard Cycle Instructor Course on behalf of Kent County Council. During the four day, practical ‘hands-on’ course, participants will explore the National Cycling Standards, learn how to teach individuals and groups, study and practise the theory of assertive cycling as well as master bike fitting and bike checking. Participants will also gain a grounding in risk management and an appreciation of the responsibilities of teaching children and adults to ride on the road.

The course will take place at Ashford Rugby Club on Mondays & Tuesdays, 19 & 20 then 26 & 27 of March. The Course cost is £500 which includes a post course observation and a final assessment.

To join the course you must have a roadworthy bicycle and be a competent cyclist, capable of tackling complex road environments. If you’re not sure about your riding skills, get them checked by booking a Cycling Lesson HERE.

Cyclists interested in taking part in this course should send an email to Kent County Council.

Notes for Editors

Cycle Training UK

For 20 years, Cycle Training UK has been helping people to enjoy their cycling. We deliver off and on road cycle training from Complete Beginner to Fast Commuter, Maintenance Courses, City & Guild Mechanics Qualifications, Cycling Instructor Training, Dr Bike Surgeries, Driver Awareness Programmes, Workplace Cycling Initiatives and Consultancy.

The Co-operative Advantage

CTUK is a not-for-profit workers’ co-operative with company ownership shared equally across all Members. This means that we re-invest our funds into the business rather than pay dividends to Directors and that there is a high level of conscientiousness due to the very real companywide understanding that the company belongs to everyone. This results in all the benefits that pride and the identification of a company as one’s own brings; in particular excellent delivery.

Our Instructors

Everyone employed by Cycle Training UK is a qualified cycling instructor and the instructors are Members of the cooperative. Our instructors are committed, experienced and highly trained with additional appropriate qualifications. All Cycle Training UK Instructors have an Enhanced DBS Check and hold a current First Aid Certificate. All our instructors’ activities are fully insured and Cycle Training UK has £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.

Our instructors’ knowledge & experience is why CTUK is so actively involved with the development of the National Standards for Cycle Training and the Bikeability syllabus. It is why we are the third largest Instructor Trainer Organisation in the UK. It is why we are consulted by countries around the world establishing cycle training schemes.

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