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Posted on Sep 12, 2017 by jmowbray

Only £10 for adults

Fabulous news for adults that work in Lewisham. Lewisham Council are funding one day maintenance courses for people that work, live or study in the borough. As the days get darker you want to ensure that your bike is in tip top condition. Here is some of our top 10 tips for a healthy bike!



  1. A clean bike is a happy bike. You’d be amazed how a good clean will rid your bike of maintenance gremlins. Washing your bike with soapy water will keep the bike running smoothly and components will last longer.


  1. Keep tyres inflated. You’ll find the recommended pressure level on your tyre (usually a min and max number followed by PSI). To test if the tyre is fully inflated squeeze the walls of the tyre – there should be no ‘give’. Fully pumped up tyres will help prevent the bike getting punctures and make for a faster ride.


  1. Bald tyres are bad. Removing debris such as glass and stones from your tyres means you are less prone to punctures. Check the tread and sidewalls for any excessive wear or cracks.


  1. Oil your chain. Check your chain every now and then and apply a drop of oil – specifically to each of the little ‘rollers’ that are located between the chain links. Oil when it feels dry (or starts squeaking!). Use a proper bicycle chain oil and wipe off excess oil.


  1. Lubricate your cables. A quick squirt of light spray oil will keep your cables (brakes and gears) running smoothly. (Don’t overdo it – just a few times a year).


  1. Tighten your brakes. Tighten your brakes when the levers start to come all the way to the bars. Turn the barrel adjuster (you’ll find it just where the brake cable comes out of the brake levers)  anticlockwise to tighten them.


  1. Replace worn brake pads. Check the condition of your brake pads and replace them when they have worn to the limit mark or the grooves on the pad have disappeared.


  1. Wheel wellbeing. The rim should be flat. Look out for loose spokes. Check that the wheel quick release or axle nuts are done up correctly. If these are loose then your wheel could fall off!


  1. A noisy bike is an unhappy bike. Don’t ignore any clanking, creaking or clanging, get it checked as soon as you can. It won’t go away and it will probably get worse!


  1. Toolkit pack. It’s a good idea to pack the basics when you’re out and about. This will include: a puncture repair kit (plus an inner tube), a pump and small multi-tool.

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