We believe that individuals should make their own decision about whether or not they wear a cycle helmet. Wearing a helmet is not required by law in the UK and CTUK fully endorses the policy of the European Cyclists’ Federation, which states:
‘ECF is not opposed to the wearing of bicycle helmets, but firmly believes that this should be a decision for each individual cyclist’1, and ‘parents should be allowed to make an informed choice as to whether or not their child wears a helmet’.

Please bear in mind that cycling is not a risky activity and becomes even less risky by increasing cyclists’ skills and awareness through cycle training.

Information on cycle helmets

CTUK wants parents and trainees to be knowledgeable and make an informed choice for themselves and their children. Find below web links where you can find balanced information about the use and effectiveness of cycle helmets.



wikipedia bicyce helmet


Should you wish to wear a helmet here are some factors you should consider:

  1. An ill-fitting helmet can do more harm than good, so make sure that:
  2. It is marked with one of these standards CE; EN 1078; ANSI Z 90 4; AS 2063; SNELL
  3. It fits closely to your head, covers your forehead, and feels comfortable
  4. The helmet and straps do not cover your ears or restrict your vision
  5. When the straps are done up you cannot pull the helmet off, and the straps do not come undone easily
  6. The internal size can be adjusted to aid comfort and fit, and it has ventilation slots.

European Cyclists’ Federation P.16 1