The Role of National Standard Cycle Training in getting people riding

Cycle Training UK, a worker's co-operative, exists to promote cycling as a form of transport. We train people of all abilities to improve their enjoyment of cycling. After training a person will control their bike well. They will have ridden in realistic road conditions, minimise risk by understanding the rules of the road; ensure they get seen, and communicate their intentions to other road users. By developing these skills a person will feel more confident and be more likely to cycle.

Cycle Training UK recognises that training is one of a raft of measures that can encourage people to cycle. These measures include changes to the highway infrastructure, lowering speed limits, education and training of drivers, reducing the space for motorised traffic, including the creation of car-free roads. Where many such interventions have been introduced in places where we live and work, they feel less risky and more pleasant so people feel happier to cycle and walk.