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Cycling Agreement - to be completed by trainee

By signing below you agree to take lessons in safe, effective with Cycle Training. This agreement covers all the training you do with us.

In the unlikely event of an incident, we do need an emergency telephone number.

  • Except in cases where Cycle Training UK Ltd supplies the bicycle: instructors may refuse to train you if they assess your bike to be unroadworthy. It is your responsibility not to ride an unroadworthy bike.
  • Instructors may at any time refuse to continue to train you if your behaviour is deemed to be unsuitable.
  • Cycle Training UK Ltd is not responsible for any injury or any loss or damage to you or your property unless caused by an instructor's negligence.
  • Having taken training with us, you will be advised as to the level of competence you have reached.
  • Whether or not you wear a helmet during training sessions, Cycle Training UK Ltd will not be liable for any consequences.
  • Please make the instructors aware of any medical condition you have which may impact on training.
  • Details held by Cycle Training UK Ltd may be given to the organisation that is wholly or part paying for my lesson and this organisation may contact you.

Equal Opportunities - to be completed by trainee

Help us to monitor the effectiveness of our Equal Opportunities Policy. Any information you give will be used anonymously. All responses are optional. Thank you.

Risk Assessment - to be completed by your instructor
Include risk assessment on Clothing (adjustments made), Health/fitness/attitude/Any specical requirement - Medical/disablilities/SEN
Include fitting, helmet, other accessories, wheels/tyres, brakes, gears/chain, steering, pedals
Include weather, off-road area for Level 1 (surface or other users), General area for Level 2/3