After a brief hiatus, the City of London Dr Bike returns! If you live, work or study in the borough you can get your bike checked for FREE.

On: 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 4-7pm

Location: Queen Street in the City of London. Junction between Queen Street/Upper Thames Street/end of Queens Street Place. It is a crossroad on two cycle superhighways (CS3/CS7).

Dates: 2017: Nov 10, 24, Dec  8 2018: Jan 12, 26 Feb 9, 23 Mar 9, 23


What is a Dr Bike?

Simply bring your bike to the public Queen Street location and our instructors will make adjustments and minor repairs. We can:

  • check that your bike is roadworthy
  • do a diagnostic check
  • adjust the bike so its a better fit for you (saddle height/reaching brake levers etc)
  • pump up tyres
  • adjust brakes
  • adjust gears
  • fit small parts such as worn brake blocks and brake/gear cables.


Queen Street Dr Bike location