Cycling Promotion

We promote cycling as a form of transport. We train to increase people's skills and confidence.

Realistic Training

Our road training takes place on real roads in real conditions. When people want to make specific journeys we take them through those journeys,


Cycling is for everyone and, whatever their age, level of ability or mobility, we work with people to improve their enjoyment of cycling. We show parents that cycling safely on road is perfectly possible for their children.

Assertive Cycling

Assertive road positioning and behaviour are really important to minimise risk. We teach people to use as much road space as they need to travel safely and effectively. We do not believe that cycle lanes are a requirement for safe cycling.


To cycle all you need is a bike. You do not need special clothes to cycle.


In the future we anticipate that many more people will cycle, there will be more public acceptance of cycling and conditions for cyclists will improve.