We deliver cycle safely seminars, training for HGV drivers and other professional drivers, and training for driving instructors. To date, we have training over 4,000 HGV drivers through Transport for London’s Safe Urban Driving scheme.

Safe Urban Driving

Cycle Training UK has been delivering Transport for London’s Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) 'Safe Urban Driving' accredited practical course. This 7 hour course contributes towards the legal training requirement of 35 hours that each professional driver must take in order to retain their professional driving licence.

Training Outcomes

Practical module: (3.5 hours): delivered by Cycle Training UK

• Introducing active travel, driver fitness and health
• Giving drivers a cyclist's perspective of riding on busy roads and an understanding of the issues faced by vulnerable road users
• Recognising best driving practice around cyclists
• Practical on road experience at areas of potential driver/cyclist conflict including junctions, traffic lights and ASLs

Theory module: (3.5 hours): delivered by a driver trainer partner

• The driver's role in the Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)
• Urban driving, changing streetscape and route planning
• Vulnerable road users: pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists
• Sharing the road, observation devices and cycle training
• Collision avoidance and defensive driving
• Hazard recognition and perception
• Driver responsibility and attitude

Driving Instructor Training

A half day course to help driving instructors understand what new drivers need to know about sharing the road with cyclists. Driving instructors and cycle trainers compare teaching techniques and methodology. Instructors get a practical experience of riding bicycles on road and discuss key points that drivers need to know to ensure low risk interactions on the road.

Cycle Awareness Seminar for drivers

The Cycle Awareness Seminar for drivers looks at the drivers’ experiences of interacting with cyclists. The aim is to encourage drivers to empathise with cyclists and to minimise the risk between drivers and cyclists. This is a one hour classroom session.