Complete Beginner

You are never too old and (almost) never to young to learn to ride a bike for the first time. We have been training people of all ages from 5 to fifty plus to cycle confidently and safely.  We have a tried and tested teaching system developed over the past 14 years and a great track record of getting people riding in a short time.

Our training uses step-by-step teaching, covering all the basics such as getting on and off a bike, starting off and pedalling, balancing... and making the bike go where you want it to go!

If you've always dreamt of learning to ride, get in contact with us and make it happen,


NEW! Cycle Training UK has produced a Teaching New Cyclists guide, aimed at people (parents, teacher, youth leaders, friends or instructors) that want to teach someone to learn to ride.

Top 10 tips for complete beginners

1. Have a roadworthy bike Check your brakes, gears and tyre pressure
2. Does the bike fit? Check your saddle height (you should be able to reach the ground – on toes is best). Ensure that you can reach your brake levers
3. Relax! Key to balancing is making subtle corrections of steering, being tense makes this much harder
4. Get help from a friend who can support you or even better a lesson from a professional cycling instructor
5. Low gear Put your bike in a low gear so you don’t go too fast
6. Start off position ‘Set your pedal’ i.e. the pedal arm should be parallel with the tube that runs from the handlebars to pedal. Place the foot that is most comfortable on the pedal. Hold your brakes so you don’t roll forward!
7. Going for the first time (with someone supporting you) Release the brakes, push down on the pedal, keep on pedalling, keep looking ahead (don’t look down!)
8. Stopping Brake (using both brakes) and brace arms to stop the bike and stay seat. Don’t put your feet down when the bicycle is moving! Put one foot down after the bike has stopped.
9. Try again Keep doing this start and stop sequence. Your friend/instructor will help support you initially.
10. Read Cycle Training UK’s Teaching New Cyclists Guide More great advice for people that want to teach their friends, partners or children to ride for the first time