If you know nothing about maintenance but would like a good foundation to work from, the Introductory course is the one for you. In the course we explain tools, preventative maintenance, puncture repair and brakes in simple non-jargon language

We offer one day and after work maintenance sessions at our training centre (and can also provide bespoke basic training to individuals and groups).

The course includes:

  • Bike overview - learn the parts of your bicycle
  • Tools for the home mechanic
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Cycling in comfort - adjust the bike to your frame
  • Tyres and punctures – wheel removal /puncture repair
  • Brakes – replace brake blocks/cables (This does not include disc brake systems at the moment).
  • Free time at the end to practice anything learnt on the day

Click here for the course syllabus
(The course is not suitable for bicycles with hub brakes or hub gears but we would be happy to provide a bespoke session for you).

Maintenance Course Dates Click Here