Having some basic maintenance skills (being able to repair a puncture by the roadside, for example) can be extremely satisfying as well as save you time and money.

CTUK offer a range of maintenance courses, from the complete beginner to those interested in wheel building or even building their own bike. Our courses are designed for 95% of the bikes on the road however they do not cover hydraulic disc brake systems, hub gears and brakes, electric assist bikes or bikes with electronic gear systems.

Here are some of the courses we offer:

  • Introductory - Don’t know a thing about bike repair. Don’t worry! This course is tailored to the complete beginner including introduction to tools, adjusting the bike to your height, preventative maintenance, fixing a puncture and changing brake blocks.
  • Basic – This is for people who can fix a puncture but would like to learn other handy fixes such as changing brake blocks, gear indexing and splitting a chain.
  • Intermediate – Shifting up a gear, this is for people who want to enhance their basic skills and deals with issues such as basic wheel truing and transmission.
  • Other maintenance courses include Brompton specific and wheel building.
  • City and Guilds - a vocational qualification for people interested in working in the sector or for those that need an accredited qualification. CTUK worked with City and Guilds to update the syllabus.

We also provide training to organisations and businesses including after work sessions and courses to manage the maintenance of their bicycle fleet.

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'The cycle maintenance course was more than I had expected. I came away feeling full of confidence to tackle repairs and maintain my bike and my children’s bikes too. In fact on the way home from the course, I stopped off at the local bike shop in Ealing, bought a new tyre and fixed it that evening' Marcia