Meet our trainees

“Getting to work used to be a boring, routine commute... now it has completely transformed into something fun and exciting. I can actually look forward to the journey into work in the morning!” Stefan, Ealing

It was solicitor, Stefan's 2011 New Year's resolution to ride his bicycle confidently from his flat in Acton to his office in Old Street and then never renew his monthly Oyster card again.

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'‘I had a real fear of falling off my bicycle because of my medical condition… plus the idea of falling in traffic was terrifying. The one-to-one training was really instrumental in overcoming my fear. I can’t emphasise that enough. I now cycle in a highly confident yet safe, low risk way in heavy traffic" Bernadette, Ealing

It’s only been six months since Bernadette had the initial idea of cycling to work. From being a wobbly cyclist she is now commuting to Victoria from Northolt (some 13 miles each way).

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I have been cycling since my lesson and am so thankful for Catherine, my instructor, for making my dream come true to ride a bike - confidently and with the right skills.

Jayshiree, Ealing

I always wanted to ride a bike. I watched girls and ladies ride bikes and envied them. I guess as you get older you get more cautious of falling off and hurting yourself. I taught my nieces and nephew how to ride. My younger niece made a comment - 'How can I teach to ride a bike when I didn't know how to ride myself?'. That made me more determined to learn. I went online and came across how to get lesson via the council scheme and contacted Cycle Training UK and got my first lesson for £5.00.
My goals were to learn how to ride a bike with confidence and to get fit and healthy and I achieved them. My instructor was brilliant. I learnt how to ride within one lesson. I have many friends who like me wanted to ride a bike - so since my achievement – I have told those who want to ride to pick up the phone and book a lesson. I am cycling regularly and enjoy every minute!




"As a parent it’s hard to be objective when teaching your kids how to ride. It’s absolutely brilliant that Jake learnt to ride on his own in the first lesson. Now we can all ride to the park with the dog.”

The Knight Family, Ealing

Mum & dad had tried to teach six year old Jake Knight to ride without stabilisers with little luck. As Jake said, he ‘didn’t like falling off!” A friend recommended us and they booked a lesson. Our instructor Julie said, ‘As Jake hadn’t ridden without stabilisers leaning was a problem. We spent time using brakes to stop and placing one foot down after stopping. In the first session Jake was riding independently which was fabulous.’

The riding lesson taught Jake not to be scared, to be a confident cyclist and has given him freedom. Jake thought the lesson was 'fun and it teaches you to sit on your bike properly and not get hurt’.

"The trainer Julie was brilliant. I sat with my book reading and when I looked up 20 minutes later Ben was riding round the tennis court.”

The Erikson Family, Ealing

On holiday in France it seemed to the Erikson family that everyone was cycling except them. At home John decided to try to teach his son Ben to cycle. Ben was not impressed with his dad’s teaching methods, ‘You let go too soon and I crashed into a tree!’

Not surprisingly, Ben didn’t trust his dad to teach him after that! It was good luck therefore that John noticed two trainers at a local school and discovered that his son could get one-to-one training; ‘I thought it would be very expensive to have this kind of personal training for Ben but I was amazed at the great value.’ Cycle training is subsidised in Ealing which means that one-to-one lessons only cost £5 for anyone that works, lives or studies in the borough.

Our cycle trainer Julie said, ‘In the first lesson Ben had moments of riding by himself. He just needed to believe it himself!’

This year when John & Ben go on holiday they’ll have two bikes on the roof rack and they won’t be left out when it comes to cycling.

"At the age of 58 I achieved a lifelong ambition to learn to ride a bicycle"

Evadne, Haringey

'I was very excited when I discovered the learning to ride a bicycle scheme which was being run for free by Haringey Council in an effort to encourage cycling to work. I kept the fact that I was learning a secret from everyone, especially my husband, who every time I expressed an interest in wanting to learn to cycle and buy a bicycle would tell me that I was too old, it’s too dangerous and that I would injure myself. I was determined to prove him wrong. I suffered from long term chronic pain and I hoped that the exercise would help me manage the pain.

When I met my cycle trainer Erika from Cycle Training UK, I was very nervous and scared. She was able to reassure me that I would not come to any harm and within 15-20 minutes I was cycling on my own. It was the first hour I had learnt how to control the bike and use the brakes. In my second training session a week later, I learned how to do an emergency stop, hand signals, figures of eight and to cycle downhill – my biggest fear! Even now I cannot believe how easy it all was. I have bought a bicycle, fallen in love with it and made it my best friend! Now I can be seen at 7am on a Sunday morning practising in the car park behind the Chicken Shed Theatre in Southgate.'


‘There is a real buzz when you are cycling with your children. You get to experience speed and diversity as well as travelling on routes where cars simply can’t go.’

The Walker Family, Ealing

For Damian Walker the aim of cycle training was to enable his three sons to cycle to school. The four-seater bicycle was bought for the school run but the children each had an individual cycle lesson. In the training they learned road craft, tactics for safer cycling and communicating with other road users. Damian described the training as a ‘must’ and ‘reassuring’ for parents.

The children thought that the best bits of the training were learning about junctions, being pro-active and making your presence felt. Cycling also allows them to get to school on time regardless of the traffic conditions!