As well as providing basic and intermediate maintenance courses we offer courses for specific types of bicycles and audiences.

Here are some maintenance courses we deliver:
Brompton – a course for the classic folding bike, including the much-dreaded but actually quite easy task of rear wheel removal should you get a puncture.
Wheel building – a two day course that runs over two weeks and enables you to build your own rear 3 cross wheel

Perhaps you have a group of cycling friends that want to be taught a specific maintenance skill; get in touch and we’ll try to help!

Maintenance Course Dates

‘I’m going on a long trip and wanted to ensure that I had the basic and not so basic maintenance skills – such as looking after disc brakes -  to keep my bicycle roadworthy. This type of bespoke session is worthwhile as the training is very much paced to your level and to the particular requirements of your bicycle. Of course there is the opportunity to try out all the techniques yourself which is extremely useful.’ Tom, Bespoke Maintenance Training

Brompton course
Wheel building course
Maintenance training in schools case study


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