Ever wondered what’s the safest way to navigate a busy gyratory, what you can eat to improve your performance or what's the best commuting bike? The ‘Faster Commuter’ one-day course is tailored to help enhance your skills and your commuting techniques.

Even if you have been cycling to work for years, this is the chance to sharpen your road technique, learn new skills and have your on-road cycling assessed by an expert. The one-day course takes place at our training centre in SE16 or it can be run at your workplace. It includes:

Road skills – from assertive cycling and correct road positioning to negotiating multi-lane filtering and gyratory systems. This includes a practical on-road riding session.
Maintenance – understand your bike set-up, components and accessories as well as effective roadside maintenance. This includes a hands-on maintenance session.
Mind, body & spirit – learn about the cycle ‘fuel foods’, DIY your own energy drinks and find out about the psychological and physiological ways you can enhance your ride.


Here are some advanced cyclist tips