About CTUK

In 1998 we were one of only a handful of people providing cycle training - the cycling revolution had not yet begun, training wasn't subsidised and the idea of ‘Boris bikes’ would have been unthinkable!

Back then we existed to promote cycling as a sustainable form of transport. We still do. We deliver training that meets and exceeds the UK’s National Standards, standards we helped to develop.We believe that the best way to promote cycling is to teach people to use their bikes safely and with confidence. These principles are fundamental to all our training.

We have trained over 70,000 people to cycle confidently....and over 1,500 instructors to train people to cycle confidently!

We love co-operation. CTUK is a not-for-profit workers' co-operative. That means we all have a say in how our co-op is run and we put money back into it.

Here are the other values that are important to us.